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Tartan Beds

Size Guide

Introducing our range of tartan fabric wool filled dog beds. Made in New Zealand.

The tartan flannelette fabric is a lighter softer fabric than the corduroy so is less durable to dogs who like to paw.  The colours look great in any lounge and adds a splash of colour.

We have 2 colours and 2 sizes of beds.

The cotton mattress inner is filled with 2 layers of sheep's wool batting. The wool filling is soft, warm and soothing for older pets and breathes naturally.

The bed is the ultimate luxury of dog beds with an 18cm thickness which adds extra comfort for your dog and means as the the bed settles over time it will flatten to a very respectable 13cm still keeping your dog comfortable and well off the floor.

Perfect for crates, the floor or for a raised dog bed.

The cover is removable and washable so easy to maintain.

Product includes - 1 wool filled cotton inner , and one Tartan fabric outer in selected size and colour.



Size Chart - Dog beds


  Suitable for Dog Type

Small Puppies, Aussie Terrier, Shitsu, French Bull Dog, Cats


Spoodle, Jack Russell, Fox Terrier, British Bull dog,


Labrador, Retriever, Labradoodle, German Shepherd, Border Collie, Husky

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