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Customer Reviews

  • Wish I had found these years ago!

    Finally I have found the absolute best bed for our two black labs! They love them and so do we.Very smart, warm, and natural . what's more the colour savannah doesn't show their hair!!!! Or dirt ..... amazing!

    Lynda Williams

  • Tiger and Kylo too!

    Our dog Kylo absolutely loves her new bed. The first night she grabbed her tiger toy and snuggled up to sleep. Now every night since she has done exactly that. Wonderfully made as well. We have a second cover that can be changed over when we wash the covers and they are both great quality, durable and comfortable.


    Sarah Cotton

  • Great bed for dogs or cats!
    The bed itself is very well made, good idea to have the inner cover that you can buy separately which I did and .also being able to order another outer cover too, which I will do soon.
    The bed itself is quite firm, so I very much doubt if you would get that normal thinning as you would in a cheaper one that the middle is a lot flatter than the outside.
    The first night the car actually thought it was his throne and of course slept right in the middle as they do, so the dogs didn't get a look in!
    Since then though both dogs, a cavoodle and golden retriever have used it and I'm sure if they could talk would say it's very comfy!
    Would definitely recommend them, I'm sure it will be a very long lasting bed!

    Melanie Tutty