Care Instructions

 Product Washing Instructions
Wool Filled Dog beds

Just like a futon, as the bed is natural It is important to air the bed regularly in the sunshine and to flip it as often as possible so that it doesnt go mouldy. Wool naturally draws the moisture away from your dog's body and regulates its temperature. So it needs air to circulate around it to dry it out.

Remove the cover from the bed and gentle machine wash on a cool cycle. Hang Inside out to dry. Do not dry in the dryer.

Do not machine wash the inner . The inner can be gently sponged if it gets marked or stained or spray with natures miracle.


Snuggle Sausage and Bolsters 

These can be sponged or hand washed in cool water but do not agitate or a gentle wash on a wool cycle with a low spin. Lay flat to dry in the shade.

Crate Bumpers 

Machine washable on a gentle cycle

Woollen Blankets

 Gentle wash if necessary on a cool wool cycle or hand wash. It is better not to wash them too often - Brushing wool is the best way to clean it.